Upcoming review: Ayn Loki Mini (AMD)

Originally published at: Upcoming review: Ayn Loki Mini (AMD) – Handheld PC

If Ayn’s ship date is met, Handheld PC’s preorder of the Ayn Loki Mini (the AMD Mendocino version) should ship soon. We will post a review once we can get our hands on it, but if reviews of early samples are anything to go by, it should be a solid option for a low-cost handheld.

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Only 2 CUs in Mendocino is a little disappointing, but this thing will still kick butt for emulation and lots of indie games. Maybe I’ll try out HoloISO on it, since it’s so similar to the Steam Deck.

If I remember correctly, the Intel version has USB4, so I wonder how far you could stretch it with an eGPU. High refresh esports might be possible!

I’ve updated my order to the Loki Mini Pro, due to Ayn supplying only dual-core 7220U chips in the regular Loki Mini. Gonna miss the clear black shell, but it’s worth it for the extra cores.